Tel Aviv Intense Laser and Ultrafast Science group

About the group

A new laboratory is being set up at the School of Physics and Astronomy. It will host a powerful laser capable of delivering laser pulses with over 20 Terawatt in peak power. First experiments are expected in 2017.

Our research focus

We investigate how intense light can accelerate particles to high energies. We use these particles to study frontier areas of science at the meeting point between Material Science, Plasma Physics and Nuclear Physics. We conduct our experimental activities both on the local laboratory and on intense laser facilities abroad.

High intensity short-pulse lasers

The ability to focus laser light to higher intensities is a major driver for light-matter interaction studies. For decades, the fundamental limitation on laser peak power has been the damage threshold and optical quality degradation of the laser-amplifying media. Technology overcame this limit with the invention of Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA), allowing for ever- higher laser intensities to be generated on a compact scale.